friuli venezia giulia - Collio

Livon estate

Where there was once the sea, are now the Collio hills, the “flysch”. On the border with Slovenia at an altitude of 250m a.s.l. lies a true masterpiece of nature, where highly awarded and internationally recognized white wines are produced.1600 hectares of gently rolling hills neatly combed by vineyards, where authentic vines have their roots buried deeply in the slopes of marl and sandstone of Eocene origin and where they find the ideal environment to develop and produce high quality grapes.

Our Wines

A blessed land where ancient native varieties of grapes, unique in the whole world, flourish, and where wine is not only a pleasure on the palate, but also a millennial tradition.

Linea Classica
Linea CRU 
Linea Gran CRU