Linea CRU


D.O.C. Collio

VINEYARD — located in Ruttars in the municipality of Dolegna del Collio.
KIND OF GROUND — Marne eoceniche
GRAPE — Malvasia
TYPE OF CULTIVATION — Cordon trained for 40 years.

VINIFICATION AND REFINING — The grapes are harvested by hand using boxes, the grapes remaining to dry for ten days under the sun and under the moonlight, hence the name “Soluna”, (Sole + Luna in Italian), then steeped in a cold horizontal press for eight hours and the must is cleaned through settling. The fermentation takes place in steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 16°C.
When the fermentation is over, the product thus obtained is not poured off and therefore remains in the same containers to mature for about eight months at a constant temperature. At the end of this period, the wine is bottled. There follows a further long period of refining in the bottle before the wine is distributed.

ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS — It has a golden yellow color. Its bouquet is intense, characteristic and elegant. The taste is soft, full, generous, distinguished.

DRINK WITH — grilled fish, shellfish, seafood. It is excellent served as an aperitif.

LONGEVITY — 7 years.

SERVE AT — 12 °C.